Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How to always feel like a winner

Getting the 1st place trophy at the World Championships 2012 from my very longtime friend Per Welinder.

I have been competing for about 30 years. I have won several Swedish Championships, Swedish Cups, European Championships and a European Cup, a few pro contests and in 2000 I tied for 1st with Kevin Harris in the World Championships in San Fransisco (a small contest that did not have a status until on site when the organisers saw who were competing...) I also have had five second places in the World Championships, and a few third places.

I have been thinking sometimes that it would be fun to once get a World Championships title that is not a tie and that the contest is rather big. Not important to get, but fun. Let me explain a bit more: For me a contest is an opportunity to test my mind-body coordination during the very special circumstances a contest is, with probably a different surface I usually practice on, maybe a different area size, maybe time zone differences, a different climate, friends watching and judges checking every detail and scoring. It is also an opportunity to try my very best and see if I can get into the zone, a peak experience, feeling bliss and relaxation when skating. If I get into the zone, that makes me feel like a winner from within, it does not matter where I place as I feel I have done my best and had fun. I could place last and feel like a winner.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rampljuset 2011

Last year me and my BMX collegue was on the kids talentshow Rampljuset. We were first a bit hesitant as the stage was only to be 5 x 5 meters, but eventually we agreed to do it. This year they asked us again, but this time to separate the two of us so we would compete against each other. We were once again a bit hesitant, but as the show was so fun and they took so well care of us, we did it again. Here is my first round, that was filmed in may 2011.