Monday, October 17, 2016

My final run at Stockholm Freestyle 2016

It was such a fun contest and with Per Welinder as the announcer it was extra exciting and fun! Skating with Pers voice in the background is so very inspiring!

Denis Sopovic organized the freestyle event, which was held at High Valley Skateworld at the same time as Bowlstock, Betongcupen and Eurocana reunion, so it was a very special weekend. For me, it was great fun to skate on more or less home ground (I live 1 hour from Stockholm) with lots of old freestyle friends watching. And having my friends Mike McGill and Steve Caballero watching my final run was very special and meant a lot o me. I actually skated freestyle with Steve Caballero at the Summer Camp in 1982. At this contest Mike McGill was going to enter the masters, but unfortunately his son got injured and they had to go to the hospital.

Thank you Denis for organizing this event and I can't wait to next year! And thank you all freestylers that showed up!


Friday, October 7, 2016

Japan 2016

Freestyle contest at AEON shoppingmall in Laketown Koshigaya, Japan

It has become an annual tradition to go to Japan for competition, demo and training. I like it so much there and can't wait to go back!

This time It rained almost every day, but it was nice and warm. The skatepark at Shin-Yokohama has a bridge covering part of the freestyle area so I skated there several times as usual.

As usual competition atLake Koshigaya. The first weekend was the amateurs and girls and demo. The following weekend was the pro division. The contest is a tournament and I had to meet Masahiro in my first heat and anticipated the outcome ... Masahiro became the winner of the whole competition.

Masahiros son impressed a lot! Mirei placed second in the girls division the weekend before and could enter her first pro competion (the winner of the girls divison declined). She met Satoshi and was beaten and is thus back in the amateur class. In Japan they have a system that you have to win a certain number of competitions to compete in the pro class and not to be beaten in the first heat.

As always I had great fun times in Akihabara, Harajuku, Shibuya, etc. and also went sightseeing in Kamakura With Nozomu and author Craig Snyder (A Secret History Of The Ollie).

The Bamboo temple in Kamakura

In Kamakura with Craig and Nozomu

Japan 2016

Det har blivit en årlig tradition åka till Japan och tävla, köra uppvisning och träna. Trivs väldigt bra
där och kan inte vänta på att få åka tillbaks!

Denna gång regnade det nästan varje dag, men det var varmt och skönt. I Shin-Yokohama går det att skejta under en bra som täcker del av freestyleytan.

Tävling som vanligt i Lake Koshigaya. Första helgen var det amatörer och tjejer samt uppvisning. Helgen efter var det proffsklassen. Man kör en turnering och jag fick i första heatet möta Masahiro och misstänkte hur det skulle gå ... Masahiro blev slutlig vinnare av hela tävlingen.

Masahiros son imponerade rejält! Och Mirei som kom tvåa i tjejklassen helgen före fick vara med i sin första proffklass (vinnaren ville inte). Hon mötte Satoshi och blev slagen och är således tillbaka i amatörklassen. I Japan har dom ett system att man måste vinna ett visst antal tävlingar för att få tävla i proffsklassen samt att inte bli utslagen i första heatet när man kommer upp i proffsklassen.

Hade som vanligt kul i Akihabara, Harajuku, Shibuya etc och det blev en till sigthseeing till Kamakura med Nozomu och författaren av Craig Snyder (A Secret History Of The Ollie).

Show i Nässjö under prova-på dag

Körde show under prova-på dag med Alien Bikes i Nässjö med Future Promotion. Superkul dag! Min son Bastian var med och hjäpte till lite också.


Did a show during an event with Alien Bikes with Future Promotion. Super fun day! My son Bastian also helped out.