Saturday, May 28, 2011

Filming for something new

There is nothing like filming a skateboard part. Unfortunately I don't do that too often. Most of the clips of me are from various contests, demos and shows. But last Saturday I went to Stockholm and met up with a filmmaker and we were filming the whole day at various locations.

Juan Mark Emmoth was our location manager and he found some cool spots for us. I decided not to do my regular routines, but rather play around a little.

The footage will be edited in June and when finished I will post it here.

Lillis at work. Photo by Juan.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Making the switch to a modern shaped double kick

In the beginning there were neither single deck nor double deck, none of them existed as skateboards were flat.

As skateboard equipment progressed some skaters started to put on wooden blocks on the rear side of the board, and thus the kicktail was invented.

In 1979 I saw my first double kicked board, it was a freestyle deck from Bad Company. Per Holknekt also made his homemade double kicked freestyle decks and he called them Ellips.

I am back on a modern shaped double kick and there is no going back.

My first true freestyle board was a single deck board from Bad Company, and when I started to focus more on freestyle in 1980 or 1981 I had Per Holknekt make me custom made boards within his line of boards called Micro Concave. Yes, concave. Back then not only there were already double kicked freestyle boards but also with concave. These Micro Concave boards had a slight concave and therefore the self explanatory name.