Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Demo in Sigtuna

I had a great time in Sigtuna last Sunday! The local skateboard club invited me for a demo and "Lillis freestyle skateboarding school". It's always fun to teach kids (and the older skaters) some freestyle and inspire to do some flatland skating. I usually teach the Tailhandlflip and have a 3-step procedure to learn it.

THIS is gonna HURT! :)

Teaching how to do a Tailhandlflip.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

34 years anniversary!

Today 34 years ago I got my first skateboard! I went from Falun to Stockholm to buy it. Today I am in Stockholm for a demo! Thanks mom and dad for getting me a skateboard!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

First outdoor show 2012

May 6 was this years first outdoor show. The theme was the use of helmets and usually we do this show indoors in sportshalls. My responsibility was to sweep the area, put up the fence, and hold seminar and skate. Super fun as always. Skateboard and BMX!

Friday, April 13, 2012

A trip to Canada for boarding

Lillis at Rotary Skatepark, Vancouver Island.
Wrap around to Nohanded 50/50 Casper at Rotary Skatepark, Vancouver Island.

I had a great time in Vancouver, Canada first week of April. Went there for snowboarding with Kevin Harris but of course I brought my skateboard and we had a great session at Rotary skatepark on Vancouver island. The session became sort of a demo for the local kids.

Snowboarding in the powder at 7th Heaven at Blackcomb Whistler was awesome! Unfortunately I fell in the slopes at Washington Mountain the last day, and is now back in Sweden recovering.

Going back for the World Round-up in Vancouer in may and will most likely bring my snowboard again for a summer like session at Blackcomb Whistler. Hope I have healed until then...

Lillis and Kevin, Manning.
Snowboard session at Manning with Kevin Harris.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The World round up in Canada!

My plane tickets are booked for the 2012 World Freestyle Round-Up that will take place inside a venue on the Cloverdale Fair Grounds in Vancouver, Canada. Over 77.000 people attended the annual Fair last year!

I am looking forward to this event a lot! Several freestylers say it's the best surface they have ever skated on, and there will be several shows with freestyle demos and contests in these three categories:
  • Best Routine
  • Best Trick
  • 360 Spin Off
All events are using a Battle format with several skaters competing as a group and each going one by one performing a routine. A good MC will make sure it will be a good and exciting flow.

The judging is unique, by combining the scores from five judges with the scores from the riders and also the audience.

A big thank you to Kevin Harris, Kai Dunkel and Monty Little! This event will help put freestyle skateboarding back where it belongs and move the level of competition up a notch or two. As the organizers say: "We envision something new and unique to give freestyle a chance to be back in TV, back in major magazines, and back in the forefront of the sports world".

But most of all, it will be a fun packed event!